Oct 6, 2020

“Our commitment is to sustainability; social, economic, and environmental-so our approach is zero waste.”

Since 2008, Dr. Georgia Lahti has been playing her role in ensuring that DLG Naturals produces distinctive morula oils and that its extracts are of pure organic quality. “We purchase our extracts from manufacturers in villages like Gweta, Seronga, and Chadibe.” Explained Miss Lahti who further on elucidated that they have employed 1000 employees from more than 30 villages to help harvest the morula fruits.   

  Morula oils and animal feed                          Morula jams from    DLG                                     

*DLG showcasing their morula oils, jams and animal feed that is extracted from high protein concentrated powder seeds.                       

From their morula products, DLG Naturals won the Agriculture Manufacturing and Global exporters award in 2008. “We seem to be doing very well; we have collaborated with producers from Zimbabwe and Zambia, and we have been supplying them with morula oils and products for over a decade now. DLG Naturals has grown to supply international companies like LUSH which is based in the United Kingdom, but with the pandemic on our feet, our international market is a drag and we hope to recover quickly.’’ Dr. Lahti hopes to increase the organic market by extracting other different fruits like monkey plum (moretologa) and more of the Kalahari melons. “I love nature, the environment in Botswana inspires me to experience my passion with its organic supplies.”