PSLE and JC Exam preparation

Our learning Solution allows completing students to prepare for exams by practicing with past exam questions and getting immediate feedback. The system shows the correct answer in real time. The package contains all the core subjects for PSLE and JC. The system is accessible through Computer and Mobile phones and tablets. 


1. By practicing with past exam papers helps students to develop confidence

Research has shown that active retrieval (questions) are more effective in knowledge retention as opposed to passive retrieval (reading)

2. Getting immediate feedback insures that the student is likely to remember the answer when are asked the question again.

3. The system operates like a game and therefore students will repeat the exercises many times and the process they will be learning without realizing. This principle of repetition also moves knowledge from short term memory to long term memory. Therefore students’ results will improve because they will remember more of what they learnt.

4. It promotes independent learning

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Products: 112 of 14